Can I hang a dome camera with a pendant cap from NOVATTACH®?

Yes, NOVATTACH® uses a universal mounting adaptor (UMA) to attach to any female threaded pendant cap kit. For male threaded pendant caps we supply an additional adaptor. See our products page for details.


What if I have a dome camera with no pendant cap?

No problem, use the NOVATTACH® Pendant Mount Adaptor (PMA). This innovative adaptor comes with a locking nut to attach to the bottom of the NOVATTACH® bracket, then simply attach the dome camera to the PMA using the universal slot system and fastening hardware.


Can I attach a box camera to NOVATTACH®?

Yes you can. By using the NOVATTACH® Box Camera Adaptor which comes supplied with a locking nut, just attach to the bottom of the NOVATTACH® mounting system and then to the box camera directly or to its housing. The Box Camera Adaptor is able to rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 45 degrees.


How heavy a load can NOVATTACH® support?

We have independently tested the NOVATTACH® system at a materials testing laboratory and we are confident it can support up to 300lbs when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly.


What colours are available?

You can buy NOVATTACH® systems in white, black or bare metal. The product is an all alloy construction, so not only is it lightweight and incredibly strong, its corrosion resistant from water moisture.


How long is NOVATTACH®?

NOVATTACH® is available up to 10 ft. in lengths. We build them in one foot increments and the poles are powder coated to match other products we sell. If you want to buy your own poles, no problem. Our head units and adaptors are compatible with 1.25” EMT conduit or 1.5” OD aluminum pipe.


How fast can you hang a CCTV camera or other hardware device?

Due to our tool free mounting systems, you can hang a CCTV camera from an open truss beam in under 5 minutes and it’s just as fast to move it to another location.


Can I buy direct?

We sell through three very large distributors ADI, Anixter and Graybar (see our “where do I buy” page for links to our distribution partners). We set up our supply chain like this so as a customer you will always have local support from one of these distributors offices. We can support your enquiries and questions direct but all sales are through our distribution partners.


Where will you ship to?

Through our distribution partners we can supply to anywhere in the world where they have offices.


Is it easy to work with?

Take a look at our videos on our “how does it work” page. They are under a minute long and show just how easy things get when you use Novattach mounting systems.


Apart from CCTV cameras what else can I hang from NOVATTACH® mounts?

Wireless Access Points, Monitors, PVM’s, speakers, projectors and many more hardware items. Call us if you have a special application.


Can you supply custom mounts for a tricky project I have?

Yes we can. Call us for a custom fabrication solution today.


What can I hang NOVATTACH® from?

Open truss beams, drywall, architectural cladding, data racks, channel strut, wood and concrete ceilings. In fact, just about any overhead surface. If we don’t have the exact mount you need, call us and we will make it.


Where has your product been deployed so far?

Parking garages, warehouses, big box retail, data centers, factories, transit stations, logistic centres, office buildings and many more commercial and industrial buildings both indoors and out.